Roll #59 – Adox CHS 100 II

Adox CHS 100 II (Black/White, ISO 100, 36 exposures)

Back in May I went on a Lichtküche e.V. photo walk. We crawled through abandoned buildings, walked along a disused railroad track and ended the evening in a small pub.

“Lost places” was something I didn’t shoot in maybe a decade. It was quite nostalgic to walk through the different levels and look at bare pillars once again. But I’m glad I moved on from that.

Leipzig, Germany – May 2018


Shop Talk

35mm black/white film, ISO 100, 36 exposures

Nikon F80 + Nikkor 50mm 1.8D
Developed in ID-11 (1+1)
Scanned with Epson V550
Minimal post-processing in Adobe Lightroom

Roll #58 – ORWO UN 54

ORWO UN 54 / ISO 100 / 35mm black and white cinema film

There is quite a bit of film stock, that I already shot, but didn’t upload to the blog. Maybe I should prepare some posts ahead of time and schedule them, so that there’s a steady flow of new material. I’m still a bit unsure about what to do with this project.

For now here’s some East-German black and white cinema film, that I quite like. Sadly it’s somewhat hard to get. As I understand it, the manufacturer only offers 122m as minimal order volume. So your best bet is to hunt for already hand-rolled cartridges on eBay.

All images were taken during a FoDo photo walk around a big shopping mall called “Paunsdorf Center”. / The history of ORWO is a good read as well.

Leipzig-Paunsdorf, Germany / June 2018

Shop Talk

35mm black/white cinema film, ISO 100

Nikon F80 + Nikkor 50mm 1.8D + Yellow Filter
Developed in A49 (1+2)
Scanned with Epson V550
Edited in Adobe Lightroom

Roll #32 – Wegert Pro 200

Wegert Pro 200 (expired 09/2005)
Wegert Pro 200 (expired 09/2005)

Since I’m behind schedule quite a bit, I’ll start numbering the blog entries by roll and not by week. On top of that I’d have to publish more than 2 rolls each week to catch up until the end of the year. I doubt that’ll happen, so I’ll continue the project into 2016 until 52 rolls are done.

There are almost no leaves on the trees anymore, I’m very glad I had the chance to spend a weekend in the Hainichen national park.

National Park Hainich, Germany / Oct 2015


35mm, color negative film, 24 exposures, ISO 200, expired 2005.

Nikon F80/N80 + Nikkor AF 50mm 1.8G + Wegert Pro 200
Film bought for 2,00 EUR via eBay.
Developed by Foto Schröter (Riesa).
Scanned with Epson V550.

Week #19 – Agfa Scala 200

Agfa Scala 200 (expired)
Agfa Scala 200 (expired)

The project is getting quite expensive and I’m not entirely sure if the cost is justified, whatever that means. Imagine me criticising myself at this point – I’ll spare you the details.

Instead I’ll just post the work and let you decide for yourself.

Halle, Germany / March 2015 + Leipzig, Germany / March – May 2015


35mm, b/w transparency film (special development needed),
36 exposures, ISO 200.

Nikon F80/N80 + Nikkor AF 50mm 1.8D + Yellow Filter + Agfa Scala 200
Film bought for ~6,60 EUR via eBay.
Developed by Photo Studio 13.
Scanned with Epson Perfection V550.

Week #17 – Kodak Hawkeye 400

Kodak Hawkeye Super Color 400
Kodak Hawkeye Super Color 400 (in reused cartridge)

Kodak Hawkeye is an ISO 400 traffic surveillance color film. Some call it “Ektar 400“, but look for yourself.

Leipzig, Germany – March + April + May 2015


35mm, color negative film, hand rolled, 24 exposures, ISO 400. No markings of any kind on film, no manufacturer, no numbers, nothing!

Nikon F80/N80 + Nikkor 50mm 1.8G + Kodak Hawkeye Super Color 400 (shot at ISO 300 and 400).
Film bought for ~8 EUR via Film Photography Project Store.
Developed and scanned by Foto Schröter (Riesa, Germany).