Roll #60 – Ilford Delta 400

Ilford Delta 400 (35mm, 36 exposures)

Only recently I started shooting a single kind of film stock over a longer period of time. I think it really helps to focus more on the actual picture-taking and less on the technical side. Also there’s some sort of consistency.

It’s a bigger investment up front when buying a 10-pack of film instead of individual rolls, but usually you get a (very small) discount. So for much of the summer I had my two cameras (SLR with 50mm lens and compact rangefinder with 35mm lens) loaded with Delta 400.

Leipzig, Erfurt, Usedom (Germany) / May – September 2018

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35mm black/white t-grain film, ISO 400, 36 exposures

Nikon F80 + Nikkor 50mm 1.8D
Olympus XA2 (Olympus 35mm / f3.5 lens)
Developed in Ilford ID-11 / Ilfotec DD-X at Mühlstraße 14 community lab
Scanned with Epson V550
Post-processing in Adobe Lightroom

[Thoughts] Fujifilm X100F


This month I had the chance to test the Fujifilm X100F (thanks Matthias!) during a short trip to egapark Erfurt (german website). It was overcast, rained a little bit, but we had fun trying out new cameras.

I didn’t have the camera long enough to write a full review, so I’ll just list some random thoughts and images. In the end I felt like it was just another metal box, that made images – not the over?-hyped camera I’ve read lots of articles and watched lots of youtube videos about. But I did want to shoot it more at the end of the trip, so who knows…

I liked the optical viewfinder with frame lines, I’m not quite sure about the electronic viewfinder – but I haven’t really used one so far. It’s nice you don’t have to go into the menu to change things – you can turn actual physical knobs on the camera itself. Battery life is a bit challenging.

Somehow I don’t think I shoot differently then with my current always-with-me camera: the Olympus XA2. Also with a fixed 35mm lens. If you want to compare the following shots with my usual analog output, you can take a loot at my instagram.


egapark / Erfurt, Germany / July 2018
Fujifilm X100F / Fujinon 23mm f2 / 24,3 MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS III Sensor
Post-processing in Adobe Lightroom.