Roll #54 – Kodak Portra 160VC

Kodak Portra 160VC (Medium Format, expired 07/2000)

Somehow I started a small photo project on the topic “Blue”. The first images were taken with Leo (of Kupfer & Eisen) along a small canal near her apartment. I didn’t really have a plan, but Leo helped out immensely.

Some photos came out great, some very strange – guess that’s what you get for using film stock, that expired 17 years ago. I’ll probably use up what I have and focus on buying fresh film after that.

Leipzig–Plagwitz, Germany / May 2017

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Medium format (120), color negative, roll film, 12 exposures (6×6), ISO 160, expired 07/2000, shot at ISO 64.

Pentacon Six + Carl Zeiss Jena Biometar 2,8/80 + Kodak Portra 160VC
Film bought for ~3,20 EUR via eBay.
Developed with Tetenal C-41 kit.
Scanned with Epson Perfection V550.


Roll #45 – Kodak BW400CN

Kodak BW400CN (roll expired in 2008 / film stock discontinued in 2014)

Hohenstein-Ernstthal, Germany – September 2016

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120 Medium Format, “color negative” b/w film, ISO 400, 12 exposures (6×6). B/W film, that’s processed in C-41 (color) chemicals. Expired in 2008, discontinued in 2014.

Yashica Mat 124G (Yashinon 80mm f3.5).
Film sponsored by Jens.
Developed with Rollei C-41 Kit by myself.
Scanned with Epson Perfection V550.

Roll #43 – ORWO CNS 100

ORWO CNS 100 (expired)

After taking over the family photo albums and scanning dozens of negatives, one film stock really stood out for me: old ORWO color film. I liked the somewhat muted realistic colors a lot. And so began a long hunt on eBay.

After several months I finally got my hands on 5 rolls of CNS 100. They expired in the early 2000s – not that bad. As a precaution I exposed the film as ISO 50 (instead of 100) and developed it normally. And wow, I love love love the colors. Now I have to get more rolls.

Oh and please ignore the weird texture on some / most (okay all) of the photos, I still have to work a lot on my rinsing / drying skills. #finishednotperfect

Leipzig + Bockwitz, Germany / Sept + Aug 2016

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35mm, color negative film, ISO 100 (exposed at 50), 36 exposures.

Praktica LTL 2 + Helios-44-2 f2/58mm  + ORWO CNS 100 (expired ~2001)
Film bought for ?!? (can’t remember) via eBay.
Developed with Rollei C-41 Kit by myself.
Scanned with Epson Perfection V550.

Roll #40 – CFP Double-X B&W

CFP Double-X B&W

The film is Kodak Eastman Double-X – a motion picture film, usually only available in big cinema reels. It was used for films like Schindler’s List and Casino Royale and several stores/projects re-roll/package the them for use in 35mm film cameras.

Sounded interesting, I checked some stores and found out that these are quite expensive. After some looking around I settled on a 5-pack from CameraFilmPhoto. So far I only shot one roll, but the results are quite good-looking, I think. Will save the other 4 for special projects/occasions.

5-pack of film + JCH film case

The images were taken at Cospudener See (a lake), on my way home after the sun went down (I played a bit with long exposures) and then at home to finish the roll.

Leipzig, Germany – Aug 2016

Shop Talk

35mm, black and white, motion picture film, ISO 200, 36 exposures.

Praktica LTL 2 + Helios-44-2 f2/58mm  + CFP Double-X B&W
Film bought for ~9 EUR via CameraFilmPhoto.
Developed by myself @ Mühlstraße e.V. Community Darkroom.
(Developed: Ilford ID-11 / 1+2 / 10min 40sec @ 20.3°C)
Scanned with Epson Perfection V550.

Roll #35 – Adox Silvermax 100

Adox Silvermax 100

The year is drawing to a close. Sadly it’s too warm for snow over here, so all there is to shoot are naked trees and empty gardens.

I started thinking about the future of this project (or my next project for 2016), but haven’t reached a final decision yet…

National Park Hainich / October 2015
Leipzig, Germany / November – December 2015


35mm, black/white negative film, 36 exposures, ISO 100.
Clear negative base. Film strips curl a bit on the short edge. After pressing it overnight it still wasn’t perfectly flat.

Nikon F80/N80 + Nikkor AF 50mm 1.8G + Adox Silvermax 100
Film bought for 4,65 EUR via MacoDirect.
Self-Developed @ Mühlstraße e.V. Community Darkroom.
(A49, 23°C, 6min 40sec Develop / 30sec Stop / 4min Fix)
Scanned with Epson Perfection V550.

Week #22 – Rollei Crossbird 200

Rollei Crossbird 200 (Rollei CR 200 with C-41 label)
Rollei Crossbird 200 (Rollei Chrome/Digibase CR 200 with C-41 label)

And here’s the next batch of my long weekend trip. This time it’s a cross processed Rollei Crossbird 200. Turns out it’s just a Rollei Chrome/Digibase CR 200 with another label.

It was one hour before sunset and raining like mad. But Matthias, who organized the trip, looked at a weather app on his smart phone and said: “Let’s go!”. We drove through rain and rain and rain and everything was behind clouds. But after half an hour or so the world turned into magic. Faint red at the horizon, Clouds raining over forests, mist walking through the landscape. I was so happy, that we did leave the house and didn’t stay indoors. Thanks again!

Very low light, exposure times of 1+ second. Color all over the place. Photos were as much color corrected, as possible. The original scans were bright orange and nearly unusable – at least for my personal taste.

Elbe Sandstone Mountains, Germany – June 2015


Medium Format (120), color slide film (developed as C-41), 12 exposures (6×6), ISO 200.

Yashica Mat 124G (Yashinon 80mm f3.5) + Rollei Crossbird 200
Film bought for ~7,90 EUR via Photo Lang.
Developed by FotoStudio 80.
Scanned with Epson Perfection V550.