The guy running this blog.
The guy running this blog.


Christian Heinrich (29+x) from Leipzig, Germany.
Front-End Developer & Graphic Designer.


When it comes to subject, trust your gut feeling  and try to capture it as well as possible. Learning is a process. Try to accept your current skill (but work on it). You will spend a lot more time chasing a goal, than having achieved it, so you might as well enjoy the journey.

(Main) Gear:


  • Nikon F80/N80 (bought in 2002) + Nikkor AF 50mm f/1.8D
  • Praktica LTL 2 + Helios-44-2 f2/58mm (my grandfathers camera)

Medium Format

  • Yashica Mat 124G (bought in Nov 2014 from Japan Camera Hunter)
  • Pentacon Six TL + Carl Zeiss Jena Biometar 2.8/80 (bought in Nov 2016)


Black/White: Mühlstraße e.V. Photo Lab (Community Darkroom)
Color: 2016 » Self-development @ Personal Lab Project (Leipzig)
2015 » FotoStudio 80 (Leipzig) + Foto Schröter (Riesa)

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