Days of Industrial Heritage Leipzig

The “Days of Industrial Heritage” (german website) are 4 days of presenting past and present effects industry had/has on production, history, city development and social life in Leipzig, Germany. It’s held once per year, 2016 being its 4th installment and my first time attending it.

I already showed some photos, but wanted to take a bit more time and create a small photo-essay summarizing all of my photos in one article.

If Paradise is Half as Nice #6

International artist group taking over an abandoned industry building. My favorite event of the week. By far.

Films: Rollei RPX 400 + Bergger BRF 400


Former heating plant, now event space. In every room there’s some part of equipment left/preserved.

Film: JCH Street Pan 400 (underexposed)

Fortuna Lichtspiele

Former cinema, now abandoned / bricked-up building. The city district desperately needs a cultural space. A lot of problems with the citys building departments, but there’s hope.

IG Fortuna

Film: JCH Street Pan 400 (underexposed)

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