[Memories] Development

1x Schlecker Fotoland 400 and several rolls of Adox Color Implosion (two of them ripped).

I finished another two and a half days of shooting in the hot summer sun. My arms and neck are crimson, my brain is half-cooked and slowly exhaustion is taking over. Good thing the taking photos part is over. Now to the development part.


I used a Rollei Colorchem C-41 Kit and muddled myself through the process with initial help from a photography-colleague (Thanks Ruslan!). The manual was handy to have, a pen and piece of paper was even better for remembering push times. Note to self: get a lab stopwatch!

I started very carefully, but became bolder after a couple of hours. The rolls didn’t look too differently,  when I compared normal development with a +3 stops push, so I guess a couple of seconds don’t really matter that much.

Preparing the spool-in of another round – each time 4 rolls.
JOBO Colorprocessor – Humming & Gurgling Deluxe Edition.
Final rinse

It took 3 passes with 4 films each to get through all the material. Some of it was developed normally, some of it was pushed +1 stop, some +3. After 5 hours all rolls were hanging from fishing lines and I was ready to go home.

The final result

Shorty on the right side is the smaller part of a ripped film.

The next steps

Tomorrow I’ll check if the strange color cast on the back side is gone. It seemed to go as the film was drying. Very strange. Strips will be cut, put into negative sleeves and hopefully scanned without too many complications.

The last workshop meeting before the printing shop deadline is in the evening. So the plan is to have a small print of either every photo, or of a preselection. Then we’ll try to sort through them and get an edit and everything in order for the book.

Provided there’s enough material for a book. I have no idea. At the moment the images are hanging strips of plastic in a dark basement.


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