[Memories] First shooting day

Equipment used during the first day of shooting.


During the HGB workshop meetings we came to the conclusion to shoot this project in color. I looked into “ORWO Color NC” – the film stocked used by my parents – but it’s hard to get (only sporadic auctions on eBay) and you can’t develop it in standard C-41 chemistry. So instead I settled on Adox Color Implosion. It should provide an old / expired film look, without the hassle. In theory!


I made a map of when I lived where, from birth to now. Turns out I moved 10 times, everytime within Leipzig itself. For this project I’ll only focus on retracing my steps until 6th grade (age 11) though.

First Day

It was a very warm saturday, I packed my bag (see above) and went to Leipzig-Grünau, which is a neigborhood dominated by Plattenbau (industrialized apartment blocks). There were a lot of pensioner and young families around. Trees and flowers were planted in mass during the last years.

I didn’t have any memory flashbacks, shot moderatly interesting frames, filled a whole roll in ~2–3 hours, wanted to rewind the roll and it ripped in the middle. With no second camera around the shooting day was over.

Now I have to wait for darkness, so I can try to rescue as much as I can. Not a great start. But hopefully all the mistakes will happen in the beginning instead of kicking me in the ass at the end, when it’s too late. Fingers crossed!