[Memories] Typeface Research

What do you do, when you have to wait for your test films to be developed? For me it’s drinking lots of coffee and researching typefaces for the book.

Wait, that’s not normal? Well, it’s normal for me. Wait, it has nothing to do with photography? Well, it has to do with designing the book, so at the end it *has* something to do with it. Plus I said that the blog will be a record of the journey from idea to finished product. But enough with the defensive justifications and on with the show…

Large format Leipzig postcard via Sludge G

I was born in the former GDR, so I thought about using a typeface, that was used in the GDR during my childhood. Turns out there was only one state-owned type foundry: VEB Typoart, located in Dresden. They used to have a typeface called Leipziger Antiqua – which caught my eye, because I was born (and still live) in Leipzig.

Reading through a couple of articles I discovered, that there was some sort of Type nostalgia for old East German pre-1989 typefaces. Thanks to that, there are now several modern digitized version around:

Leipziger Antiqua by profonts


Lipsia Pro by RMU (Ralph M. Unger)

» http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/rmu/lipsia-pro/


JAF Lapture by Just Another Foundry

» https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/justanotherfoundry/lapture/


Now I “only” have to choose… oh dear. Price will probably battle with appearance.

Fortunately I found a website, where you can test those for free (for 1 hour), or rent them on a monthly basis. I guess I’ll layout the book with something similar and finalize it with the rented version of whichever typeface I’ll choose in the end.


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