[Update] Kodak Tri-X 400

Hello there, it’s been a while. Between work, volleyball, social obligations and bad autumn weather there wasn’t much opportunity for me to shoot a whole lot of images on the last weekends. Photographing during the week itself is no longer possible – when I’m done working it’s already dark outside. Guess sooner or later I have to grab my tripod and a pair of gloves to go out for some night shots.

So far I finished a roll of Lomography Color 400 (Medium Format) and in my 35mm camera is still a roll of Samsung Prime Color 200, of which I over-enthusiasticly bought a 10-pack via eBay. Until those two are developed and scanned, here’s something to fill the time.


Mittelsaida, Germany (July 2015)
The Ordinary 2 – Behind the Scenes (August 2015)


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