Week #32 – Kodak Portra 160

Kodak Porta 160 (Medium Format)
Kodak Portra 160 (Medium Format)

Somehow the “usual” Portra 160 photos you can find on the internet look a lot different than these here. Maybe it’s because it was overcast, maybe it was an especially funky batch, maybe the used digitization methodology has some issues. Well shooting film sometimes just has strange results.

Potsdam, Germany – June 2015


Medium format (120), color negative, roll film, 12 exposures (6×6), ISO 160.

Yashica Mat 124G (Yashinon 80mm f3.5) + Kodak Portra 160
Film bought for ~5,80 EUR via Amazon.de
Developed @ FotoStudio 80 (Leipzig, Germany).
Scanned with Epson Perfection V550.

Week #31 – Kentmere 400

Kentmere 400
Kentmere 400

The day was overcast with a lot of rain and some breaks of sunshine inbetween. We darted from place to place, took some photos when we could and then again sat around in cafés waiting for the rain to stop.

Maybe the film wanted to feel at home – it is manifactured in the UK. But we have our share of rainy weather here in Germany as well. Especially now that autumn has arrived with colorful socks, wet feet and darker/shorter hair.

Potsdam, Germany / June 2015


35mm, black/white negative film, 36 exposures, ISO 400.

Nikon F80/N80 + Nikkor AF 50mm 1.8G + Kentmere 400
Film bought for 3,50 EUR via Fotoimpex (Berlin, Germany).
Self-Developed @ Mühlstraße e.V. Community Darkroom.
6min 22sec @ 24°C Dev (Xtol 1+1) / 30sec Stop / 5min Fix / 20min watering with running tap water / 2min watering with destilled water + AGFA wetting agent / ~22h Dry
Scanned with Epson Perfection V550, Curve Adjustment in Photoshop.
Mild post processing & export in Lightroom.

Week #30 – CineStillFilm 800Tungsten

CineStillFilm 800Tungsten XPro C-41
CineStillFilm 800Tungsten XPro C-41

Two wedding parties, one film stock. One party in Lünen (NRW), one party in Leipzig (Sachsen). Both with a theme. One was “Alice in Wonderland”, the other “Science Fiction”. One roll was scanned by me, the other roll was scanned by a lab.

Now everything (and everyone) is together, as it should be.


35mm, Tungsten balanced color negative film, 36 exposures, ISO 800.

Nikon F80/N80 + Nikkor AF 50mm 1.8G + CineStillFilm 800Tungsten
All film bought for 8,10 EUR per roll via MacoDirect.
Roll #1 developed by FotoStudio 80.
Roll #1 scanned with Epson Perfection V550.
Roll #2 developed and scanned by Foto Schröter (Riesa).

Week #29 – Update / Tudor XLX 200

Tudor XLX 200 (35mm)
Tudor XLX 200 (35mm)

I’m delaying the CineStill 800T post, because I just shot another wedding with it last weekend and I have to wait for the roll to be processed and scanned. So until then, here’s an update to the Tudor XLX 200 post from 2 weeks ago. I found some more unscanned film from my Potsdam trip.

On the weather front the heat is finally gone and rain has arrived. Days are getting shorter and shorter as well. We’ll see how that will influence future photo trips.

Potsdam + Leipzig, Germany – June 2015


35mm, color negative film, 36 exposures, ISO 200.

Nikon F80/N80 + Nikkor AF 50mm 1.8G + Tudor XLX 200
Film bought for 2,60 EUR via eBay.
Developed by FotoStudio 80.
Scanned with Epson Perfection V550.