Week #26 – DM Paradies 400

dm Paradies 400 (expired 20!?)
dm Paradies 400 (expired 20!?)

Week #26 is film roll #25 (I missed one in march), so next week we’ll be at the half time mark. 26 rolls of film done and another 26 still to go.

Already half a year. Time really flies sometimes.

Potsdam, Germany – June 2015


35mm, color negative film, 36 exposures, ISO 400.

Nikon F80/N80 + Nikkor AF 50mm 1.8G + dm Paradies 400 (expired 20!?)
Film sponsored by Eva (Thanks!).
Developed by FotoStudio 80.
Scanned with Epson Perfection V550.


2 thoughts on “Week #26 – DM Paradies 400”

  1. I think most cheap drugstore films are re-branded films. There aren’t that many film producing factories left in the world.

    The Rossmann film and Tudor XLX even have the red/green Fujifilm strips on the negatives, DM Paradies 400 has none though.

    I did some digging: apparently DM used to get their film from the USA (Kodak?), but now they are produced in Asia (Fujifilm?) – so depending on how old the rolls were, it was actually a Kodak, oder Fujifilm re-brand.

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