Week #18 – Kodak APS 200

Kodak APS 200
Kodak APS 200 (expired 10? years ago)

When I started this project I asked around among my friends if someone had old film I could use. One of them handed me a roll of APS (Advanced Photo System) film and a cheap plastic point & shoot camera.

AGFA FUTURA fixfocus 2
AGFA FUTURA fixfocus 2

There were already two exposed frames on the film, that were shot ~10 years ago, which helps to somewhat date the film. Developing the film was still doable, but the lab couldn’t scan it. So I had to fiddle the cartridge open with the help of a Youtube tutorial and a screwdriver.

scanning slightly curled APS negatives without holder
scanning slightly curled APS negatives without holder

Scanning it was quite a challenge since I don’t have a APS negative holder. I basically used masking tape to keep it flat. I’m not sure yet if I want to shoot more APS film in the future.

If I do, I probably should research APS scanning some more – like building masks or such.

Shop Talk

APS Format, color negative film, 25 exposures, ISO 200.
Shot in APS-H Mode: 30.2 mm × 16.7 mm -> ca. 16:9

AGFA FUTURA fixfocus 2 (24mm f4.5 Agfa lens) + Kodak APS 200
Film kindly donated by Hauke von Grimm.
Developed by Foto Schröter (Riesa, Germany).
Scanned with Epson Perfection V550.


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