Week #10 – Ilford Delta 3200

Ilford Delta 3200 (120 medium format)
Ilford Delta 3200 (120 medium format)

The longer the project is going on, the more hurdles are showing up…

  • Technical: This week my local lab stopped developing pushed film and they only process slide film when they have at least 4 rolls.
  • Legal: I can’t use photos showing faces unless it’s a crowd. That’s the abridged version, the whole issue is a bit more complex than that.
  • Artistic: One medium format roll holds only 12 images and I have to show at least some of them at the end. Usually I show some, that I don’t find that good.

To sum it up: everything takes longer than expected, there are fewer images to show than expected and I keep on whining more than expected.

For now I’ll shut up and show some photographs:

Leipzig book fair – March 2015


Medium format (120), black/white negative film, 12* exposures, ISO 3200

Yashica Mat 124G (Yashinon 80mm f3.5) + Ilford Delta 3200.
Film bought for ~6 EUR via Film Photography Project Store.
Self-Developed @ Mühlstraße e.V. Community Darkroom.
Scanned with Epson Perfection V550.

*) exposures depend on the format. 6×6 -> 12 exposures.


8 thoughts on “Week #10 – Ilford Delta 3200”

  1. The technical issue is really said, bu not surprising. The legal one on the other hand is really bad. I am shooting a lot of portraits on the streets. Not sure how much I should be concerned. ( I am living in Austria). I guess I will need to do some research on this.

  2. Well I know some people, who just ignore the laws and simply invoke “artistic freedom”. Looking at their photos they really have a point. Life on the street has to be captured for future generations.

    Since I’m more into urban landscapes and don’t take photos of people that often, I haven’t figured out my stance on all that… yet.

    1. Now that I pushed several ISO 400 films, I’m not sure about the high price of Delta 3200. It was an interesting test, but I think I’ll stick to ISO400 film and push if necessary.

  3. Btw about a portraits of strangers. You can shoot everything what you can see except in private places without permission or trough a windows to the private apartments. And yes you can publish these portraits but not to sell them without signed doc about.

    1. In Germany there are very strict privacy laws. You can only do it for “higher art” – but in case of a lawsuit, you have to prove it somehow (shooting specifically for an exhibition for example).

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